Manage all your DNN portals in one place


What our users are saying

DNN Admin made it possible for us to scale our SaaS business. For years, we were forced to endure the pain of manually supporting thousands of clients. Now, we can add features, apply fixes, and distribute updates in minutes.

Ryan SletcherThe Arbitrage Academy


Scale your business

DNN Admin sends deployment instructions to any number of portals at once. It takes about the same amount of time to manage 10 or 10 000 portals. Thus, you free your resources to focus on growing your business.


Reduce maintenance costs

Manually deploying portals is tedious. With DNN Admin it’s a walk in the park to deploy content, fixes or updates to any number of portals in minutes.


Eliminate human errors

By automating the deployment processes with DNN Admin, there’s no chance that someone misses some steps that would result in potential loss for your business.


Anyone can do it

You don’t have to be a DNN expert to make deployments. State your purpose and DNN Admin will take care of setting up all the underlying DNN bits and pieces.



There are two layers of security between DNN Admin and the portals it controls. One is HTTPs and the other is a custom authentication layer. Additionally, there’s one fundamental difference in that the person performing the deployment doesn’t need to have portal permissions.

Plans Free Pro Premium Enterprise
Users 1 1 up to 5 unlimited
Extension Deployment unlimited DNN Sharp modules 100 other vendors
+ unlimited DNN Sharp
1000 other vendors
+ unlimited DNN Sharp
Page Deployment request demo or a paid plan 50 200 unlimited
Portal Deployment request demo or a paid plan request demo or a paid plan 100 unlimited
Solution Packager request demo or a paid plan request demo or a paid plan 5 unlimited


included included included
Monthly Price FREE $99 $499 $999
Yearly Price FREE $999 $4,999 $8,999